About conference

The Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo has been traditionally organizing a triennial international scientific conference devoted to heavy machinery, and this year the eleventh one will be held. The first conference was held in 1993, and this is the thirtieth anniversary of the Heavy Machinery conference (www.hm.kg.ac.rs).

The main content of the Conference is presentation of contemporary scientific and research results related to methods and technologies in heavy machinery design, production technologies, environment protection, but also topics relevant for civil engineering.

All papers presented in oral form will be printed after the conference in the Conference Proceedings. Specially selected papers will have the opportunity to be published in the journal Engineering Today (www.engineering-today.com).

The XI International Scientific Conference Heavy Machinery HM 2023 is a place for the exchange of experiences and promotion of achieved results with the ultimate goal to indicate directions of further development of industry, manufacturing and education related to heavy machinery. However, the Conference will also provide the possibility to discuss broader topics relevant for national, regional and European research and development policies. The organizers expect presentation of results of national, regional and European scientific projects, contributing to dissemination of international scientific-technical collaboration, initiation of new international scientific-research projects and broader international collaboration between industry and academia. The Conference will, therefore, welcome organization of project-related events.

The Conference is also a good opportunity for the promotion of new products, technologies and services, so we invite all interested companies to actively participate in the work of the Conference through exhibitions and multimedia presentations, and thus present their products and services to the wide international public.

The Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo invites researchers from all countries and of all ages to participate in the XI International Scientific Conference Heavy Machinery HM 2023 and give their contribution, through the exchange of experiences and knowledge, to faster development and transfer of new and modern technologies in the field of heavy machinery.